With so many websites out there now devoting themselves to travel discounts to destinations all over the globe some people might think that there is no need to hire a travel agent to plan their next adventure. But while you can find day trips to weeklong cruises online, there are some things that a travel professional can just do better. Here is a guide to some of the reasons why you might still want to visit your local travel office.

If you're planning a trip that involves more than just sitting on a beach for a week than you may want to take advantage of the expertise of a professional travel agent. Not only can they get you from your everyday grind to all of the destinations on your list but they can also advise you on the best transportation choices between locations and how much time you might want to spend in each place. There also might be additional discounts for those that are traveling to several cities on one trip that you might not find out about while using sites like Expedia.

Another time when you may want the extra care and knowledge of a travel agent is when you're traveling with someone with special needs. If you're taking a trip with three generations of the family than you may need to make sure that you're in a hotel with great accessibility services and that there are activities in the area that will suit everyone. Your agent can even get on the phone to your vacation condo or resort to make sure that you have a wheelchair available for you or that you're in a room that's completely smoke free.

If you travel often than you may start to build a relationship with your travel agent and they will go that extra mile to make sure that you keep coming back. This might mean that they are able to get you a great room upgrade or could even suggest a rewards plan that could entitle you to a free night's stay. Your agent will also start to learn what you enjoy doing on your vacations and can suggest new destinations and on site activities. This is great for those that don't have the time to do this sort of research on their own. If you do want to look at a site with tons of travel ideas and suggestions, you can try Tripadvisor.ca.

Websites and packaged deals are usually for those that want a standard vacation. If you're interested in going off the beaten path than you may want to consult an agent before making any of your bookings. They could help you find the best hiking trails or suggest a certificate for a spa or restaurant that will really make the trip extra special. Travel agents can also help warn you about travel scams that are out there. If you decide you want to book yourself, here are a few things to watch out for.

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