It's disappointing that most of what we hear about the TSA these days is about the extreme measures that they are taking with searches in airports. But the truth is that their purpose is to protect all of us while we're traveling and the measures that they have in place are mostly necessary. So, if you want to get through the Transportation Security Administration representatives quickly and without issue than you should start by following these tips.

If you're checking baggage then that is where you should put all of your liquids. Those that do need to bring any liquids on the flight with you, like if you're traveling for just two days, should make sure that they keep it below 100ml. You should also place all of your liquids together is a quart-sized plastic bag with a zip lock closure. Be prepared to put this bag in the security bin so that you can get through the security line as quickly as possible.

You might have a situation where you need to take more than 100ml of liquids on the plane and the TSA has regulations for this as well. Items like breast milk or medications that you will need on the flight can be declared at the checkpoint. There are also a number of prohibited items that you are not allowed to take with you on a flight under any circumstances. You should browse through this list before you finish packing.

If you have any special considerations that you are in need of on the flight than you should check over the regulations on the TSA website or speak with a representative before heading to the airport. Their goal is to get you from your home airport to your destination as safely and comfortably as possible and they have measures in place for those traveling with children, those with disabilities or medical needs, or those with religious or cultural needs.

One of the most helpful pages that you will find on the TSA website is their tips on how to get through the line faster. It advises that you also limit the amount of electronics and coats that you pack in your carry-on luggage. If you are bringing a gift to your grandchild you should not wrap it before the flight. You also need to leave undeveloped film in your checked bags. If you're unsure of any one item than you should probably either leave it at home or not bring it with you on the flight.

To find out about which tools are safe for travel or not, you can go straight to the airline website for verification. For further examples, you can look under "Can I bring these items?" on the website.

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