Everyone needs a vacation every once in a while. But that doesn't mean that while your body and mind are demanding that you take a week away from your job that your bank account will allow you to board a plane to some tropical location. Instead of skipping out on your vacation all together you can take advantage of the attractions and events that are around you in your own community and take a staycation. According to the Urban Dictionary a staycation is "a vacation that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have to offer."

If you're opting to stay in your own area because of money than you don't want to go and blow more than you can afford on your vacation here at home. Create a budget for your staycation the way that you would if you were headed to some exotic location. You should know about how much you will be spending on transportation, admission fees to attractions, and food.

Making a plan for some fun things that you're going to do during your time off is key if you're planning to stay close to home. For those that are able to splurge just a little you might want to rent out an cottage for a weekend to enjoy some nature. If you don't have a plan you might be tempted just to get caught up on some housework and repairs instead of relaxing and doing things that you enjoy. Then you will head back to work feeling like you didn't have any time off at all.

Plan your vacation the way that you would if you were traveling to a city you'd never been to before. Browse through tourism websites and read about the best spa or bed and breakfast. When you're living in a city you usually won't take the time to visit those locations that are mostly there for tourists, like the museum or the zoo. Your staycation is a perfect excuse to enjoy all of these places, as there are usually some of the best places to have fun within the city.

Find some times and places where you are going to indulge. If you are pinching pennies all the time you're going to worry yourself into a state where you don't even know how to let loose and have fun anymore. Do some shopping or head out for dinner in one of the areas top restaurants and don't feel guilty when the bill comes. Though you should know how much you're able to spend on the whole vacation, there should be sometimes on your list when you're spending just to be selfish and have fun. You can return to counting every cent again when the vacation's over.

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