Usually when you book appointments for dental work or personal shoppers you're not asked to put down a deposit payment before the item in question is transferred to you so why is that you have to make a deposit payment when it comes to booking a holiday home rental or vacation package?

Well, it's actually a standard practice and one that you will always have to deal with whether you plan on reserving a room at a hotel or a week at a resort. The reason why a vacation rental unit might ask for a deposit is so that they can ensure you don't flake out at the last second and cancel your stay with them, leaving them without a guest or money coming in. It's similar to paying a deposit for a custom order of any kind - for example, a flower girl dress. If the vendor creates something especially for your needs, he or she needs assurances (in the form of a deposit) that you will follow through and complete the order.

No matter how much planning one puts into a vacation something could come up at the last second that could force you to cancel your vacation. The owners of don't want that to happen because they would be losing out on a customer but they know it's something that can happen. The down payment deposit that was made in good faith is a fallback plan for them so that they at least make some sort of money back on the deal, while scrambling to recuperate it some other way.

That's a benefit for them but what's so beneficial about having to pay a down payment deposit to stay at vacation property for those that actually have to pay the down payment deposit fee? The benefit for those that are renting the vacation property in question is that it gives them peace of mind knowing that the suite they booked won't be rented to somebody else at the last minute.

It's a good feeling to be guaranteed nothing will be messed with your booking and for that to happen you have to put down a down payment deposit. Be secure with deposit and your vacation should go off without a hitch. You might not like having to put down that down payment deposit but it's just how things work in the vacation resort world.

You better get used to it, as you'll probably have to do it again and again, whether booking with corporate hotel chains or privately run bed and breakfasts. Most hotels will require one night's fees as a deposit. Different vacation rental owners may have their own policy so we suggest you start at

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